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Jay Boetscher
The Rehab Man

Helping people
find, finance and
rehab one to four
unit properties
since 1995.

Jay Boetscher,
The Rehab Man
The Rehab Man has been offering non-profit clients access to low cost FHA
rehab-financing for over a decade. We supply the technical support and
education necessary to create and submit an approval package for HUD's
Affordable Housing Program. We have a continuing education process that
helps create an environment for HUD program compliance and success
within the confines of the program guidelines.


1- Have an IRS designated 501(C)3 for a minimum of two years

2- Have (or can acquire) two years audited financial statements for
the 501(C)3

3- Have some experience in the area of housing, i.e. Buying,
rehabbing, selling, or managing real estate, running/creating an
affordable housing program, helping the homeless etc.

If you answered yes to these questions, your non-profit may be
eligible to apply to HUD for approval in their non-profit Affordable
Housing Program.

If your non-profit is interested in creating an approval package for
HUD, call me at
(312) 401-5626 and set up a time for me to come in
and speak to your board in order for you to evaluate the program
and see if it's something your non-profit would be interested in. If
so, what is necessary in order to begin creating the approval
package to send to HUD.
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Jay helped us get approved for the program and gave us the tools
to be self sufficient. He is our friend.

    Creola Thomas, Alpha andOmega Ministries