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Sally Seller, ABC Realty
Welcome to:
The Rehab Man
In order to effectively begin analysis for a potential home loan (rehab or
non-rehab) we need to begin with the following simple procedure. It will be
necessary for you to gather a few documents together, and then call me at
(312-) 401-5626 so that we can do some work together over the phone in
order to pinpoint your qualifications and your property's qualifications.

These documents would apply to anyone who would be on the loan.
Please note that some of these
may not apply to your particular
If they do not please ignore them:

1) Current pay stub

2) 2006 federal income tax return along with all 2005 W-2       
and/or 1099 forms.

3) 2005 federal income tax return along with all 2005 W-2 and/or
1099 forms.

4) A list of any obligations as far as loans and credit cards are
concerned. Specifically what is needed are the precise minimum
monthly payments,along with the approximate balances for any
loans or credit cards with outstanding balances.

5) A list of any properties you currently own.  Please include
property taxes, insurance, rental income, and assessment fees.

Once you have gathered these documents listed above, please call me at
(312) 401-5626 in order to set up a time for us to discuss your project (7am
to 6pm Monday through Friday, and 7am to 12 noon on Saturday). This
interview will last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour depending on
the complexity of your transaction
Jay Boetscher
The Rehab Man
(312) 401-5626

Helping people
find, finance and
rehab one to four
unit properties
since 1995.

Jay Boetscher,
The Rehab Man
"Jay's step by step process works. He will not take shortcuts
that could jeopardise the project."

    Dr. Dan Robinson, The Environmental Community Organization
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